About BTS

Philosophy of seminary training

In general, we have divided our instruction into three broad categories: academic, practical training, and discipleship. The academic part of our curriculum is designed to give students a foundational knowledge of the Scriptures, theology, and the major current issues affecting the church. Classes taught include Old Testament, New Testament, Hebrew, Greek, Theology, Church History, Biblical counseling, Apologetics and Missions.

In the practical training portion of our curriculum students are involved in churches both locally and around the Czech Republic. This often involves evangelistic outreach activities.

Our emphasis on discipleship involves students meeting individually on a regular basis with one of our faculty, staff or a local teacher to pray, study and memorize the Scripture. This often provides an opportunity to discuss pertinent issues.

Our Faculty

BTS has two full time and one part time local faculty who teach the basic courses, disciple and minister with the students throughout the year. We also have a number of visiting teachers from the Czech Republic, as well as from other international institutions. In these cases, the subjects covered are taught as one or two week modular courses.

Other ministries

In addition to our regular schedule of classes and ministry, BTS also organizes theological conferences, publishes Christian literature, and offers Czech and Slovak pastors and missionaries additional education by providing the opportunity to take individual courses throughout the year.


BTS is situated approximately 60 miles southeast of Prague in the town of Pelhřimov in the Czech Republic.